I am Pritam Roy,

an Art-director, an Architect and an Illustrator trying to find my own way through the highways of advertising. I come from a different culture with a slightly different attitude. The differences help me pick on habits and insights into the cities I live in now, which really helps in this field.

All I seek now is an understanding and environment to help me have more fun with the work as I learn and grow as an Art Director.


- Bachelors in Architecture [School of Planning and Architecture, India]

- Student Art Direction [MIAMI AD SCHOOL EUROPE]


- 2 years as an Architect with 3 fully constructed buildings and involvement with 16 different projects.

- 6 years as a listless traveller.

- 1 year as an Illustrator.

- 3months as an Art Director(intern) at VICE Gmbh, Berlin.

- 3months as an Art Director/Video Editor[intern] at Stoyo, Berlin.

- 3 months as an Art Director [intern] at Ogilvy, Paris.



#Gold: Creativity International Awards, 2018


#Winner: Best Design, SPA Bhopal and University of Berkley Fellowship Trophy, 2013

#Winner: NSDC, 2012, Universal Design for World Heritage Sites

#Runner-up: Louis I. Kahn Trophy, 2013




# "Universal Design for exploring World Heritage sites in India, NSDC, 2012- The Humayun's Tomb"

published by International Journal, "Design for All", April 2013.

# "Synthetic overview of Museum spaces: Tribal Museum Bhopal and Archaeological Museum, Bhopal",

published by International Journal, "SPANDREL", 2014



# "An overview into the proportions of the Buddhist Stupa",

pioneering research work, published by International Journal, "SPANDREL", 2015