Miami Ad School Europe Against Humanity [Produced]

Promotion for the Miami Ad School Europe

Content: Playing Cards, Packaging, Website  

Miami Ad School Europe Against Humanity is a game for people who have been, or will be, irreversibly traumatised by the wonders of advertising and the creative industries.

It has been un-scientifically proven to have a healing and calming effect on players.
We’ve been creative and brutally honest, so you can get an uncensored idea
of what your advertising future may hold. 

The Cards


Pritam Roy [AD]

Abdelrehman Galal [CT]

Omar Ali [CT]

Arendse Oline Rohland [CW]

Elissa Gonzalez [CW]

Jepthah Nwabuisi [CW]

CD: Savina Mokreva